Vegetarian & Side Dishes

*Some sample items from our menu
img 6316

french fried

Price: 46.000 vnd

img 6430

pan fried spring onion tofu

Price: 32.000 vnd

img 6360

fried tofu with lemongrass

Price: 36.000 vnd

img 7552

sauteed young kale with garlic

Price: 42.000 vnd

img 7570

sauteed bor choy with mushroom

Price: 38.000 vnd

img 6474

Grilled corn

Price: 36.000 vnd

img 6553

bbq or boiled okras

Price: 32.000 vnd

img 7534

sauteed spinach with garlic

Price: 38.000 vnd

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