Our Drinks

Our Drinks (03/12/2013)


You will never be bored with our drink menu getting well along with Barbecue Garden dishes from fully fresh juices, smoothies or shakes, coffee or tea and of course popular beer and wine at affordable price you can think about.



    tiny fire  Non-Alcoholic Packet: 90,000VND (US$ 3.50++/pp in 1 hour)


    tiny fire  Standard Free Flow Packet: 120,000VND (US$ 5++/pp in 1 hour)         


    tiny fire  Wine Free Flow Packet: From 200,000VND (US$ 8 to 10++/pp in 1 hour)


    tiny fire  Premium Free Flow Packet: Above 300,000VND (US$ 13++/pp in 1 hour)


    tiny fire Customer served drink service: 60,000VND (US$2.50++ per hour)



* Includes glasses, ice, wait staff, bartenders, and bar setup - Minimum is 2.5 hours.



Make A Booking

“After 5PM (for same day), please call:
135A NKKN Q1: +8428 3823 3340”

Information required

cac mon nuong mon nuong nha hang nuong nha hang ngon to chuc sinh nhat quan an ngon am thuc sai gon